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0 Pembicaraan Personil A7X Saat Tampil di LBC

Date: Senin, 26 November 2012 18.00
Author: Afrizal Syaifudin
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Dibawah ini merupakan pembicaraan para personil Avenged Sevenfold saat tampil di Long Beach (LBC) pada tanggal 10 April 2008 silam.

+ "How the fuck we doing Long Beach?"
- M.Shadows-

Critical Acclaim

+ Shhhh ... be quiet you might piss somebody off...

Second Heartbeat

+ My life you've always been there ...


+ I pray by the grace of God ...
+ "Amazing." - Syn Gates-

+ "Zacky is the man for me sign." - Zacky Vengeance-

+ "You guys do look good." - Syn Gates-

+ The Rev used to live in Long Beach.

Beast and the Harlot

+ She's a dwelling place for demons ...


+ You know I make you wanna scream ...

+ "An orange bra for Johnny Christ." - M. Shadows-

+ "Last time we had bras thrown on stage Zack had like 30 bras on his mic stand. I just don't get it." - M. Shadows-

+ "I was jealous." - Syn Gates-

+ "Christ I know your a few beers deep so why don't you come say hi to this Long Beach crowd and sing a song for them." - M.Shadows-

Seize The Day

+ Trials in life, questions of us existing ...

+ "Gates if you wanta keep fuckin around with that guitar I'm gonna make you play a guitar solo for all of Long Beach here." -M.Shadows-

+ "Alright I'll stop." -Syn Gates-

+ "Who plays that song?" - M. Shadows-

+ Crowd responds Pantera!! Matayo (a fan from the crowd had a rockstar moment and performed Walk with A7X)

Walk (Originally Performed by Pantera R.I.P Dimebag )

+ Walk on home, boy ...

+ "Very Nice." - Syn Gates

+ "If my voice starts hurting I know who to call." - M. Shadows-

Bat Country

+ My hand is on the trigger ...

Almost Easy

+ I'm not insane, I'm not insane ...

+ "Oh, There you go Gates you got a panty up there." - M. Shadows-

+ "Oh yeah, I got a panty." - Syn Gates-

+ "Way to go Gates." - M. Shadows-

+ "I thought Johnny Christ was going to come over and sniff it." - M. Shadows-

+ "I can smell it from here thanks. Just kidding." - Syn Gates-"

+ "Bang me like you bang your bass." - Zacky Vengeance-

+ "That ones for Johnny." - Zacky Vengeance-

+ "That's definitely for Christ." - M. Shadows-

+ "You know what It feels God damned good to be playing a show in the fucking greatest God damned country in the world, the United States of America. I'll tell you that." - M. Shadows-

+ "It doesn't really matter if you agree with the war or not because if you didn't agree with the war they would still be over there fighting the war because that is what good soldiers do." - M. Shadows-


+ My hearts always with you now ...

Unholy Confessions

+ I wish I could be the one ...

+ "Hope you had a good time at Taste of Chaos 08." - M. Shadows-

+ "Until next time." - M. Shadows-

A Little Piece of Heaven

+ Almost laugh myself to tears ...

+ "Good Night Long Beach! See ya next time!" - M. Shadows-

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